Find the Strength in What Remains and Fire Up Your Life Again

Marie Abanga is an in-demand personal, and mental well being coach and a sought after motivational speaker. She energizes, enlightens and cheers up for an active life’s journey.  She relies on her greatest strengths which come above all from her past experiences. From the challenging experience of her brother’s mental illness journey, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and tips she now uses on helping others. Her honesty and vulnerability about her own mental and emotional struggles guide her work.
Leading Towards Recovery, and for Healthy and Prosperous Lives Marie Abanga inspires and confronts individuals on the ability to create new habits and to sustain changes for lasting positive results. She motivates men and women to begin transformational journeys, take positive action in their lives to get passed their trauma, abuse, and challenges. As a prolific author, Marie Abanga pulls the reader into her world with her compelling stories, her words, and her creativity. Her books bring a unique perspective of someone who has lived with a relative having a mental illness, not to mention her mental and emotional battles. In her brilliant course as a motivational speaker, she has been invited both on national radio and TV in different countries such as the US, Germany, Belgium, and Cameroon, to talk about her coaching, life, and to motivate and inspire the listeners and viewers.