Battered, Tattered, But Not Shattered: Finding the Strength In What Remains

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“Battered, Tattered and Shattered is a real life, raw look at how powerful the human spirit is. This book is sure to inspire anyone who is looking to bounce back from life’s biggest hits.” – Jeffrey I. Moore USA – Educator, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

In her book “Battered, Tattered but not Shattered” Marie A. Abanga share her personal story of a womAn on a journey to “find herself”. She shares her doubts and fears in her quest to “free” herself from a past to a future she is designing. Marie talks about the domestic violence she endured and how she may have played a role in the abuse. Her story is sad, heartbreaking but ultimately hopeful.
Nancy Salamone USA – Founder & CEO The Business of Me, Author “Victory Over Violence”

I have this mantra, about life giving us lessons. I state that I refuse to sit down and take notes. No I go, I learn walking. And though I falter and even stumble, I fight not to fall. But, to be honest, I have lost several of those fights; fallen big time. The saving graze has been in my falling looking up, from whence I derived the energy to rise up and keep walking. This is how I have come to realize that although I be battered in and by life; and may even look so tattered, my spirit is not shattered. I have and still continue to find the strength in what remains. Dear readers, here comes another memoir of mine with the usual goal of inspiring and motivating us all. I know there are cases, yes very difficult cases where melancholia and all other disorders and mental challenges make and leave it nearly impossible to find any strength. But to the general, I suggest that it is possible. I am a citizen of both worlds. The ‘normies’ and the ‘challenged’. I refuse to think either label makes survival, failure or even thriving automatic. May this memoir of mine therefore make a goodread. Marie Abanga, Belgium

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Product details

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