My Brother’s Journey from Genius to Simpleton: Battling with his mental illness and coping with his loss

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I may frankly not know what to make of mental illness. I sometimes even wonder if I have the right to say I am also mentally ill, or just have some mental challenges, some blues, depression and you name them. One very important denominator be in the east or west, is the stigma associated to the disease, condition or whatever name it gets. In Africa and in my country Cameroon in particular, it is still a ‘taboo’ to talk about it. Marriages can be jeopardized if ‘mental illness’ is found from investigations, to run in any family. I wonder therefore if my brother would have ever gotten married. Fortunately maybe, my two other sisters already are, while I was too before my own challenges got me to run away. Maybe we were lucky. Several others aren’t. Several wouldn’t talk about their child’s ‘madness’ whether he be dead or alive. I am however definitely not of that ‘school of thought’. Fathers tend to ‘give up’ much quicker too, in my brother’s case, it was hyper glaring. We have to break those barriers, taboos, stigma and all. This is the raison d’être of this book. I don’t have answers to some questions that may be asked by readers. Where is God in all this? Couldn’t it be some witchcraft or demonic attack involved? Why the albeit blind reliance on medication? What about therapy and alternative treatment? How was, and is, his family coping? I am just another caged bird with her own song to sing. Most often than not, mothers are the ones to narrate such journeys. In our case however, it was and still is unfathomable for dear mum to do this. I have got her back on this project, and I wish this book helps several mothers out there to know they are treasured. Marie Abanga, Brussels Belgium

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