No More Playing Russian Roulette With God

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This is a book about my awesome and full of twist and turns hide and seek relationship with God. But hmmmmmm, I am at a great place in my life now and am so grateful to God for how far I have come. It’s been a journey, one where I seemed to be turning in circles and yet trying to blame God for my various waterloos. I have had the type of conversations with God the author Neale Donald Walsch writes about in his epic book with the same title. I once got so angry and even disappointed at God I decided to stop reading the Bible – that stage lasted two years and I was in one of my wildernesses. But today, I am back in my country for five years going, and yes, it’s been rolling over with a spiritual cup which keeps being filled to the brim. All of this became possible once I started to surrender to God, and stopped playing Russian Roulette with the Holy Spirit which abideth in me. I had a searching soul for several years, but four years ago I saw serenity creep into my life to leave no more as long as I remain conscious, mindful, and intentional in my pursuit of God. I once more hope this book makes a good read and that many are inspired and motivated in their own walk with God and in seeking their purpose in life as they strive and thrive to live purpose driven lives AMEN.

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