Marie Abanga is on a mission to engage men and women to take concrete actions in their personal lives and reap abundant productivity in all they do and anywhere they can be.
Marie Abanga’s sharp acumen, observations, personal experiences of mental and emotional health and wellness, guide approaches she uses to bring lives to peak performance again.
A Personal and Mental Wellbeing Coach of Substance
As a coach, Marie Abanga dedicates her life to take care of the total health, body-mind-emotion of persons and to restore productive energy. Never scared to take challenging paths like being a pioneer in a new venture, she bravely paves the way to wellness and motivational coaching in Cameroon. Genuinely understanding African mindset, this is indeed a ground-breaking endeavor.

A Motivational Speaker par Excellence

Marie motivates audiences with passion, compassion, and empathy, having been herself shattered but not battered. She knows what it takes to make positive things happen again and believe that wellness is attainable to all by a thorough understanding of behavioral and mental health.

A Prolific Writer 

Marie writes compassionate books for her readers. Her memoirs contain a tremendous number of stories, facts, and amount of information in a clear and easy to read way. She relentlessly put on paper what she experiences or sees to inspire life for good. 

Contact Marie Abanga for professional coaching with organizations, personal coaching and motivation, speaking events, and media.


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