Mental Health Coach

Start Your Transformation Journey and Live a Full Prosperous Life Again!

If you lack motivation or feel discouraged, especially after abuse, trauma or any other mental challenge, you’ll love Marie Abanga’s unconditional listening, her discrete empathy, and a sheer proximity to get you out of the nightmare.

An Authentic Mental Health Coach Who Understands Local Mindsets

Marie Abanga knows how cultural blocks and barriers can prevent people to show or verbalize their pains in our geographies. As she went through a succession of vicissitudes, she stresses to help men and women to articulate the hidden facts.

A Guaranteed Expertise on Mental Health Stakes

Marie Abanga’s focuses on helping people taking back control of their mental health, life, and victories:

  • She has written four memoirs to tell her experience throughout life’s ventures;
  • She also shared an uplifting story of her brother’s mental illness and his tribulations;
  • Courage, persistence, and pure humanity fill her memoirs, poems, blog posts and articles, and she has received many awards around the world for her mind-blowing writing;
  • She is completing a diploma in CBT from the prestigious BSY Group in the UK, and is equally studying to be an attitudinal healing facilitator and trainer.