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Marie Angele Abanga is a prolific author of books and poems, having published four books (memoirs) and a poetry collection. Her books/memoirs relate very keenly and soulfully to contemporary social issues using her own life stories as illustrations. The four books plus poetry collection so far published are:

In her first publication, the former housewife puts a finger on what many consider a taboo subject, infidelity and matrimonial abandonment as she narrates her story in very vivid and captivating words. A story capable of sending a chill down the spine of readers, narrated with down-to-earth expressions yet very sincere and suspense-packed. Her unconventional loves and maybe even life in all its thrilling events and episodes take her through thick and thin to what she call and claims her redemption. One reviewer from the USA titles her review: A Young Woman’s story of Courage and Survival.

Marie’s second publication is a memoir of fortitude as she unravels life’s challenges and the need for moral and psychological rigidity in the face of ordeals. One of the most challenging moments in her life was the illness and demise of her beloved brother for whom her second book/memoir is devoted. The message in this memoir remains universal as she speaks to all. Mental health is very important, mental illness and challenges are for real, and the mentally ill deserve to be treated like human beings and not ailens as this review from a prominent mental health advocate from Israel says.

Her third publication which she says is more or less a sequel to her first memoir, recaps her journey in Europe, the aftermath of those drastic events narrated in the first publication. She equally does some soul searching into her past, which soul-searching is inevitable for a better understanding of her life’s purpose – true healing and sharing to inspire and motivate. Writing helps her to find the strength in what remains and to inspire and motivate others like herself. Hope this review helps spark our curiosity to read this memoir for ourselves: A story of trial and perseverance as the reviewer puts it.

In Marie’s fourth memoir, she asks the most pertinent question she believes we could ask ourselves in our journey for enlightenment in the midst of various fears and challenges. Indeed, she answers the question for herself through this 103 page memoir using 9 big fears she has had to battle and now faces upfront in her own process of living a purpose driven life. This review of the book could maybe throw more light on its perception by readers.

Marie’s Poetry Collection A Searching Soul, is a reflection on life using the poetic medium which she discovered when grieving the loss of her brother in 2014. Between August 2014 and January 2015 she wrote 25 poems as the inspiration flew through her. The poems actually reflect her moments of sadness and intense contemplation in life which fortunately has devolved currently to a serenity she is proud to write about in a forthcoming collection. For this collection, it is her hope that this review from her own son will motivate us to enjoy this poetry collection as we forge on with our own searches in life.

Marie is a contributor to several magazines and blogs, and she is also a great reviewer. Some of her reviews have earned her words of praise and emails by the authors or their agents, and this has been very inspiring and motivating. Some of these reviews include:

A Woman of remarkable Fortitude

When her world seems to be almost shattered, she has the courage to push forward, stand strong and keep moving forward with dignity and courage until she reaches her goal.»

Barb Parker- Canada, Author My Sister’s Journey from Headaches to Heartaches ...