Inspiring and Motivating with personal experiences for ultimate transformation

Marie Abanga has been profiled among the 11 highly sought after speakers and trainers in Cameroon by CELBMD Africa. Marie is also a highly sought after contributor on several blogs and magazines has been interviewed on others, and had delivered keynote addresses at different professional and socio-cultural events in the US, Belgium, Germany and Cameroon. Marie has been a pannelist and spoken in different national and international workshops, webinars and forums, and has been a guest on various platforms including local and national radio and television in the US, Germany, Brussels and Cameroon. As a motivational speaker, Marie’s passion is boundless as she seeks to inspire and motivate others to take positive actions now regardless of any personal, emotional or mental challenges they may be facing. In May 2017, barely two years after Marie relocated to her native Cameroon, she partnered with another dynamic and talented young speaker, trainer and coach Sidoine Felix M. Leudjie, as co-founder of the coaching program Inspiring Positive Actions Now (IPANow Ltd). IPA Now is an initiative that aims at inspiring and motivating different individuals from various spheres of life to discover their inner potentials, tap into these potentials and start living a better life through taking positive actions now.

IPA Now is a mega platform where transformation, motivation and inspiration is dished out through panel discussions, coaching sessions for groups and individuals, training, workshops and interactive conferences. IPANow ltd has since its creation conducted over 6 training and has organized or partnered in the orgainzation of at least 6 more. Over 500 youths and start up entrepreneurs have been directly impacted and several others benefited from the inspiration and motivation dashed out by Marie Abanga and her team.

A most inspiring and motivational speaker