Clinical Psychologist and CBT Therapist

This is a
Clinical Psychologist and
CBT Therapist

From an initial passion and gift from childhood to empathize and help others especially with their emotional problems, Marie Abanga has in addition to her profession as a Lawyer, taken diplomas in psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. In a country where there are barely a handful of clinical psychologist for over 15 million citizens, where CBT therapist are barely to found neither in the cities nor rural areas, where the lone public psychiatric ward in Douala the economic capital of Cameroon has only one psychiatrist, Marie’s qualifications with distinctions add rays of hope to mentally challenged. After a successful two months internship at the said psychiatric ward, Marie has opened private practice in the area. Although specialized in CBT Therapy, Marie has studied ABC Methods and psychotherapy. An Msc in Mental Health Psychology is scheduled to be undertaken in the near future because the needs are simply alarming and acquiring the best knowledge to help mental health service users is primordial.